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Applying for funding

We are not open for funding currently. But that's no reason to slack! Keep checking out our home page, and our Twitter and Facebook pages, to make sure you don't miss the next great opening. And in the meantime, get yourself application-ready by checking out all the new and revised info throughout this site.

We distribute our funding in “rounds.” A round opens when we announce we’ll receive applications and closes at the deadline: we hope we will have a round open early in the new year. Rounds are  open for only a limited period – follow us on Twitter (@ThomasDeaneTrst) and keep checking here to make sure you don’t miss a deadline.

Application process

Applicants to the last round are taking part in a two-stage process. For stage one, they emailed us just two sides of A4. We’ll compare those applications against our criteria, especially:

  • our four themes

  • our ten reasons (well, 17 now) for not funding

  • understanding of and commitment to an outcomes approach (specifically, answers to our questions under How we will view outcomes)

  • addressing ways of working .

  • budgets.


What happens next?

We'll have to decline many applications at Stage One – that is, after having assessed their two-page outline.


The remaining applications will go through to a second stage of assessment where we will ask applicants for points of clarification and further information: see Further info. We may need to have discussions  with some applicants.

Then, we put together everything we've learned about each project over both Stage One and Stage Two assessments, and decide which ones we will support.



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Timescale - Round Two

We had many more applications to Round Two than Round One. But we’re still hoping to meet fairly closely the timescale we suggested here when Round Two opened:

  • Application deadline 14 Sept

  • Applications declined at Stage One notified by 12 Oct

  • Stage two queries requested 19 Oct

  • Stage Two responses assessed by 16 Nov

  • New grantees announced by 14 December 2019.


We’ll publish more information on how the assessment process is going on this website: follow us on twitter(@ThomasDeaneTrst where we’ll alert you to the latest news.


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