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Grantholders – for and about


This is what Thomas Deane Trust is all about. Giving money for projects that can make a difference. Enabling you to do things better than we could do. Being interested in you, supporting you – but letting you do what you think is best.


And these pages tells you how we do that.

There’s a page for grantholders or “grantees” – people who have (or have had) a grant from us. It explains how we hope the relationship between us will work, and what we each agree to do to help your project fly.

  • Click here if you're a grantee


There’s a page about grantees. – so more people can know about your work that’s funded by us, and how it’s helping improve lives.

  • Click here to read about our grantees

  • Click here to go straight to a list of all grants awarded to date

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