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For our grantees

What happens once the trustees have agreed to give you a grant? The superbly tuned and finely honed Tee Dee Gums (T D Grants Management System, geddit?) creaks into action, delivering . . .

. . . Your countdown to project success

5   We send /you get:

   The small print

4   We send /you get:

    A grant offer letter, including:

  • special terms and conditions

  • reporting requirements

  • publicity and communications requests

  • our publicity and communications guide

  • some publicity text (usually included in the comms guide).

3  You send/we get:

   A grant acceptance letter, including:

  • your authority to agree conditions of this grant

  • some financial details

  • some publicity text

2  We send / you get:

  • first instalment of grant

  • “Supported by” logo for your publicity

1   We each get:

  • a nice cup of tea and a sit down.

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