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Got a general issue in your application you’d like further guidance on? Email us, and if we think it appropriate we’ll cover the topic here.

Small print

  • We’ve filed these further guidance notes by our Ten Reasons for not funding

  • Queries listed are matters of general concern, and may here be illustrations or composites of queries we receive

  • Our responses here form part of what we would consider during assessment on any application.

  • Just because you satisfy a piece of guidance here doesn’t, of course, mean your application  will pass all our tests

1 Individuals

See also 2 work that isn't exclusively charitable Q1

2 work that isn't exclusively charitable

Q1 Do you fund CICs?

A1 We haven’t got an outright ban on CICs (which aren’t charities). But the work you'd be asking us to fund would have to be “exclusively charitable” (reason 4 of our Ten Reasons for not funding); and we would need to scrutinise this very carefully on any application from a CIC. We would also look carefully at whether, in effect, your application would be asking us to fund an individual, another no-no  (reason 1 of our Ten Reasons).


4 Ongoing activities

Q2 Do you fund only new projects? Or would you, for example, consider funding the development of an existing project?

A2 We don’t have a total ban on applications that are about expanding  a project to a new location, or the development of an existing project. But we would look very hard at whether such a project could be said to be any more than an “ongoing activity” (reason 4 of our Ten Reasons for not funding); and any more than “work that is commonly delivered” (reason 13). Our thinking here is that we have a very short life and finite funding, so our time and money are best spent on innovation and development, rather than repetition, which other granters might be in a better position  to sustain.


13. Work that is commonly delivered

See also 4 Ongoing activities Q2

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