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Our four themes


We have less than half a million pounds in total to award in grants. This is not very much: if we are to do any good with it, we must spend wisely and purposefully. We cannot cover every need. So we are restricting ourselves initially to four themes that relate to the family members inspiring Thomas Deane Trust: see Who we are.

  • Environmental Eric and Joyce Thomas worked hard for a wildlife trust on their return to England after living in Canada for 16 years. The trustees have broader views on what types of “environment” Thomas Deane Trust can and should support; and we hope to have a clearer offer under this theme for Round Three or Round Four.

  • Music Specifically community music, and hence community arts more generally – art work that helps develop and sustain communities, to build identity in individuals, and to exploit music’s inherent power to make change. Eric Thomas passed on his love of music to Sue Thomas at a very early age; and it is central to her identity that she is a “violinist". Kathryn Deane spent most of her working life managing and developing community music and musicians.

  • Advice work That is, advice and information work to support vulnerable and disadvantaged people. Eric and Joyce Thomas spent not only money but crucially time in helping and supporting many individuals over their lifetimes. Sue Thomas spent almost all her working life in advice work.

  • End of life care Sue’s parents were active supporters of hospices, and Eric Thomas and his older daughter Ann died being cared for in their local hospices. Sue Thomas and Kathryn Deane cared for Joyce Thomas in their home in the last years of her life. We have an interest in how to improve end of life care whether in hospices, at home or in hospital.

The trustees may make changes to these themes at any time.

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