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Applying for funding template

[This hidden page contains application instructions for both when a round is open and when it's not. Update the appropriate chunk of text and overwrite the whole of Applying for funding page with it.

[Status: not open for funding]

Applying for funding

We are not open for funding currently. But that's no reason to slack! Keep checking out our home page, and our Twitter and Facebook pages, to make sure you don't miss the next great opening. And in the meantime, get yourself application-ready by checking out all the new and revised info throughout this site.

Open for business?

We distribute our funding in “rounds.” A round opens when we announce we’ll receive applications and closes at the deadline.

We currently have no funding rounds open for you to apply to. We hope we will have a round open soon. Rounds will be open for only a limited period – follow  us on Twitter (@ThomasDeaneTrst) and keep checking here to make sure you don’t miss a deadline.

[Status: open for funding]

We are currently open

for applications!


Deadline 14 September

This funding round (round two) opens on Monday 29 July and closes 5pm on Saturday 14 September 2019

Round 2 specials

In this round we especially hope to attract bids that fit our environment or end of life care themes.


How to apply

  • We operate a two-stage application process. For stage one,

  • Email us no more than two sides of A4 summarising your project:

  • We’ll read only those two pages – don’t bother sending us attachments, background info, or anything longer than two pages

  • Base your two pages just on the info on this website: we can’t answer calls or emails about stage one applications.

  • We will accept applications only by email (which we will acknowledge.


We’ll compare your stage one application against our criteria, especially:

  • our four themes

  • how you address any special conditions listed above

  • our ten reasons (well, 17 now) for not funding you

  • your understanding of and commitment to an outcomes approach (specifically your answers to our questions under How we will view outcomes)

  • how you address our section on ways of working .

  • your budget outline: the overall cost of the project; what you are asking Thomas Deane Trust for

Make sure you cover all those points clearly and directly in your two pages.


What happens next?

If we think there’s a match between your plans and our interests, then your application will go through to the second stage where we will ask you for points of clarification and further information.



Our next deadline for stage one applications is 5pm on Saturday 14 September 2019. But don’t leave it till the last minute. We don’t run sophisticated software here, and we’d hate for your superbly-crafted application to fall foul of email logjams or website crashes.



We’re sorry, we can’t offer you specific dates for the assessment process: it all depends on how many applications we receive. If round one was anything to go by (and it might not be) we might expect:

  • Applications declined at Stage notified four weeks after deadline

  • Stage two applications invited by deadline plus five weeks

  • Stage two applications assessed by deadline plus nine weeks

  • New grantees announced by deadline plus 13 weeks (ie around 14 December)


We’ll publish more information on how the assessment process is going on this website: follow us on twitter(@ThomasDeaneTrst and where we’ll alert you to the latest news.


Woman Working at Home

Help, help!

Sorry we can’t engage in conversations at this stage in your application. We’re not leaving you high and dry, though:

  • There’s loads of information on this website on each of our criteria: just click the links.

  • (Yes, even on budgets, which are covered in Insider Info)

  • You should also read our policies for further information.

  • But everyone knows that successful application-writing is more about knowing how to press a funder’s button than writing clear answers that address their question, right? Wrong. Well, wrong for us certainly. We’re just too naive to be able to play those games. The clearer the better, we think: our Insider Info lifts the lid on our decision-making processes.

  • Finally, we will of course always answer genuinely general queries about our processes, and clarify any confusing points. Email or Tweet (@ThomasDeaneTrst) us, and if we think your question legit we’ll answer it in our Latest news section, so all applicants can benefit.


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